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The Ear of God

This is a rare and priceless book.

It is autographed by 41 movie stars and Hollywood personalities, and Father Peyton a saintly American icon who was dedicated to St. Mary and praying the rosary.

This is a $65,000 starting bid reserve auction of The Ear of God written by Father Patrick Peyton, who has been named a Servant of God by the Catholic church and, therefore, may soon be canonized a saint.

One of the autographs in this book has not been deciphered at this time although it is legible. The others are verifiable. The list of Hollywood luminaries who signed this book includes at least three Oscar winners Loretta Young, Hattie McDaniel and Edmund Gwenn:


Loretta Young
Rosalind Russell
Hattie McDaniel
Ward Bond
Louise Beavers
J. Carrol Naish
Richard O'Sullivan

Ruth Hussey
Ricardo Montalban
Roddy McDowall
Maria Palmer
Betty Lynn
Rita Johnson
Elinor Donahue

Joan Leslie
Donald O'Connor

Margaret O'Brien
Baden Powell
Freddie Brisson
Mae Murray
Jeff Chandler
Robert Walker
Ann Doran
Charles Boyer
Estelle Taylor
Irenne Dunne
Edmund Gwenn
Louella U. Parsons

Robert Ryan
Jeanne Cagney
Jeanne Gray
Jane Randolph del Amo
Joe Mansfield
Marissa O'Brien
Maria Bohan
John Lombardi
Ray Hyke
June Haver

William (Bill) Lundigan

Thomas (Tom) Hill

Russ Gleason ?

Who collected these signatures and why do they appear in this book?

I don't know, but I have some theories. The foremost is I think this book belonged to someone who could approach all these luminaries and get them to add their signatures in close proximity to other stars. I believe it may have belonged to an MGM Studios executive because I bought this book about 35 years ago in a small second hand store a block or so away from the entrance of MGM Studios in Culver City, California. At the time MGM  changed hands and it may be that the new managers threw out the unclaimed memorabilia of former executives.

Many of the stars who signed The Ear of God worked at MGM and it appears they were happy to sign next to the names of their fellow actors and actresses. And when the pages were filled, the actors flipped the page and signed on the adjacent pages.

Perhaps, most importantly, Father Peyton, Servant of God, and candidate for Sainthood, also signed The Ear of God along with dozens of stars. This alone makes this book priceless.

I think these autographs were collected in the late 1940s or early 1950s, after the inception of Father Peyton's inspired work with the radio and television productions of Family Theater, when many of these stars were Hollywood luminaries. This book is worth more than all the autographs combined because of its historic significance especially now that the Servant of God, Father Patrick Peyton (1909 - 1992), is on the path that leads to canonization and the declaration of Sainthood.

The autographs are there for anyone to inspect. It's clear they are authentic. Also, because of his holy life in proximity to the stars of Hollywood, and his dedication to St Mary and the rosary, I feel that Father Patrick Peyton will be made a saint and this book will dramatically increase in value. This is an unusual book. It is in very good condition. Published in 1951. It is nearly 60 years old.


Michael Quinn


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